VË Rescue Shampoo for Damaged Hair

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Size: 500ml

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Nourish, strengthen, and repair your damaged hair with VË Beauty unique blend of Argan Oil, Polyamino Sugar and Vegetable Keratin, formulated to target dry and damaged strands to help restore healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

• VEGETABLE KERATIN - Vegetable keratin, also known as phytokeratin, is made up of low and medium molecular weight hydrolyzed proteins, derived from wheat, corn and soy. It covers the hair with a film that makes it thicker, fuller and more resistant. Prevents dehydration of the hair and strengthens its structure. Makes hair soft and shiny.

• ARGAN OIL - A precious ingredient, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which hydrates the hair and prevents the formation of split ends. Thanks to the presence of fatty acids, it counteracts excessive dryness of the scalp.

• POLYAMINO SUGAR - Derived from the condensation between amino acids and sugars. The ingredient is characterized by a high capacity to retain water and also has conditioning and film-forming properties. Thanks to these characteristics it is able to protect the hair fiber. At the end of the treatment, the hair will appear silky and hydrated.


Your best hair care routine starts now: Apply shampoo to wet hair and use your hands to gently massage the scalp and roots. Lather afterwards to remove any built-up grease, dust, or dead skin; leaving your hair feeling clean. Rinse thoroughly before applying VË Repair Hair Conditioner.