VË Enhancer Conditioner for Dry Hair

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Size: 300ml

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Experience strong, healthy, and luscious hair today. Introducing the optimal solution for weak, damaged or brittle hair. It infuses locks with vital nutrients and protects and revitalizes hair from root to tip. With regular use VË Beauty Fortifying Conditioner can prevent future hair damage!

• VEGETABLE KERATIN - Vegetable keratin, also known as phytokeratin, is made up of low and medium molecular weight hydrolyzed proteins, derived from wheat, corn and soy. It covers the hair with a film that makes it thicker, fuller and more resistant. Prevents dehydration of the hair and strengthens its structure. Makes hair soft and shiny.

• NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN PP or B3) - Is a multifunctional cosmetic active with strong anti-aging and rebalancing properties. Niacinamide is also soothing, moisturizing,photoprotective and stimulates the production of keratin. Helps revitalize hair.

• OLIVE OIL - Olive oil improves the appearance of the hair because it provides it with natural and genuine moisturizing and nourishing substances, including vitamin E, which is the main anti-aging substance, vitamin A, which is the best nourishing factor for the tissues and essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid.


Save your hair; follow our way! After using VË Fortifying Shampoo, apply conditioner evenly through wet hair. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Amount of conditioner is dependent on hair length. A dime-sized amount is recommended. Use our VË Serum afterwards for optimal results and style as desired.